A Well-Spent Week – Tuesday

To be honest, Tuesday dawned a little bleak. The weather was beautiful, but we just weren’t sure that we would be able to find enough to do to fill up a full week of vacation without that auger.

Still, we headed out to the backyard to get busy on what we could do.

To prep the are along our back fence line we had to trim a tree and also cut down a couple of others altogether. That left us with a massive amount of trees and large limbs laying around the yard needing to be dealt with, so that was our first mission.

We started cutting the larger limbs and trunks into firewood sized pieces for the fire pit we plan on building (maybe later this spring?). Those got piled together and then the branches and brush got thrown on the burn pile.

The whole time we were working there was a little quail running around squawking and being the dense humans that we are, we just ignored her more or less.

In the middle of that job the concrete guys starting knocking down the berm on the side of our house that they’d be using for fill dirt, along with the half-dead trees that occupied it. So Party Boy went to assist with the hauling off of those trees and I kept moving brush. I didn’t go up to help with the other stuff, because the last time I worked in that area I got a massive case of poison ivy.


We broke for lunch and then went back out to our original work when I saw them.



Quail eggs. Completely exposed. We think that she had laid her eggs under a large branch, that we had of course moved, cut up, and carried off. We felt so bad! We covered it back up and hoped that she wouldn’t abandon the nest. Both birds were keeping a careful eye on us from near the neighbor’s pond, so we tried to steer clear as best we could. No wonder she’d been so panicked and running around. She was trying to lead us away!

We continued cleaning up when Party Boy got a call from the tractor place saying that auger was ready to go! And they closed in 30 minutes. And they’re 28 minutes away.

We high-tailed it to the truck and raced over there, pulling in at 5:29. Turns out there’s a little bolt that is designed to give if the auger jams in order to protect the transmission. They replaced the bolt and we were good to go. We also grabbed a couple more bolts and some spray for the garden (to combat fire ants in the vegetable garden, so it had to be organic and safe).

Stopped at Lowe’s again on the way home and then ate dinner and grabbed dinner for the kids.

I can’t tell you how excited Party Boy was about getting the fence back on track!

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