A Well-Spent Week – Wednesday

Wednesday was a much happier day than Tuesday at the start. With the auger back and properly attached to the tractor we (okay, Party Boy – I don’t get to excited about these things) were extra hopeful that we could make some real progress on the fence.

We started out by setting the three remaining corner posts. It was a long job that took most of the morning thanks to the very fine clay soil that we are blessed lucky tolerating having on our property. When it is wet it’s like a slimy, slippery mess. And when it dries it’s like stone. Neither are conducive to drilling post holes, and you almost have to wait for a good soaking rain and then be available to work the dirt 3 days later, when it is optimal for any kind of digging. And we didn’t have that luxury.

Since we knew that the bolt had broken because the auger got bound up we were being careful and taking it slowly. And each post hole was taking about 30 minutes to dig. Then another 20 minutes or so to set the post and we got two posts done by the time I needed to run out for some supplies and an early lunch.

I came back and had to sit in front of the house for about 20 minutes while the Lowe’s delivery put two full pallets of concrete in our garage. While I was waiting MOTS came out to sit in the truck – she’s the designated helper in my absence for her Dad – and she started regaling me with the tale of how they put the post closest to the house in and how it’s so close to the house that you can’t slide paper between the post and the house and on and on.

There’s no secrets in this family.

As soon as I got the car parked I went and looked. Party Boy came up behind me and with an embarassed grin asked me what I thought.

I thought I wasn’t sure how he got the post that close. I also thought it was a good thing that I wasn’t home when he drilled that hole.

But it was done.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent drilling more holes, installing more posts and finally starting to install some rails. By the time I left for church we had a pretty good run of posts in.



Please ignore the wonky third rail on the right. I wasn’t home to supervise the initial installation and there were technical difficulties. But I was too excited about the visible progress that I had to take that picture.

We had a fence!

I cleaned up and left for church with MOTS and Chaos. Hollywood had been sick, so she stayed home.

While I was gone Party Boy managed to finish the run at the front of the west side of the property, which meant that on Thursday we could work on the back property line.


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