A Well-Spent Week – Thursday

As predicted, Thursday brought rain-heavy clouds and muggy warm temperatures. We proceeded to the back of the property and began to work on the post holes there, still taking about 30 minutes per hole because the ground was just that hard.

I kept a watchful eye on the sky and my favorite weather app – Weather Underground. Most of the rain was missing us and going to the north. Some thunder but no lightning, so we were able to just keep working.

The funny thing about augers is that they have bits. They’re like a giant drill and the drilling edges at the bottom that start the hole in the ground have a tendency to dull when drilling in ground like ours. We didn’t know this, but learned the hard way (as we are often wont to do). Thankfully, Tractor Supply is nearby and stocks auger bits. Along with tons of other fun country-life-type stuff. As the designated errand person I had already made a run to the closest Tractor Supply and bought their last auger bits. The next closest was 20 miles away and we desperately needed new bits.

The auger was so worn down that we weren’t making any progress and there was other stuff that Party Boy wanted to look for, so he and I packed up and headed out to Tractor Supply.

We got our auger bits. And a few other things that he needed.

On the way home, the weather took a turn for the worse.

The funny thing about Texas is that most of our worst storms tend to develop in the late afternoon and evening. And Thursday’s weather had provided the perfect cocktail of ingredients to unleash our first severe storm of the season.

As we were driving home a severe thunderstorm with some circulation passed our house only 5 miles to the north. It was scary, but we made it home and got packed in for the evening.

And then, it hit.

In all my life, mostly spent in Texas, I have never experienced the type of hail that we got when round two rolled through our town.

It started like a normal hail storm. You could see pellets hitting the ground about every 5-10 seconds. And then? Then it seemed as if the sky opened up and in the course of 5 minutes dumped more hail on us than I have ever seen. At 65 miles per hour.


That’s the pile of hail off our roof in our front flower bed.


And that’s Party Boy’s truck. Being pelted. Normally his truck is parked in the garage. But, remember the concrete delivery? The concrete that was currently occupying his space in the garage? Yeah.


The rainbow. Also the river of rainwater flowing down to the neighbor’s pond. That now also contains the remnants of his chair and his bird house.

Not pictured: 24 now destroyed tomato plants, 150 onion plants that appeared to be victim to a weed whacker, and 15 potato plants that looked like they had been victimized by a gang of marauding rabbits. Also, the trees that had their bark peeled from their trunks by the hail and the brand new vinyl fence rails now bearing holes where it looked like they were shot.

But, as my Dad likes to say, everyone was safe. Things can be replaced, but people can’t. We’d just have to deal with aftermath on Friday.


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