Allergy Season

It’s allergy season. For me anyway.

I have (so far) a very specific allergy that I think is to tree pollen. It shows up mid to late April and disappears in late May. My allergies usually hang around for about 6 weeks give or take.

Just long enough for me to forget what it’s like to breathe through my nose, hear from at least one of my ears, and be able to lay down at night without a box of tissues on the bedside table.

For those of you that live with this nonsense year-round? You have my sympathies.

I noticed this morning that the roof of my mouth was itchy and I was sneezing quite a bit. Oh yeah, it’s April. Time to get out the Zyrtec/Claritin/Allegra/Benadryl, etc.

Day one down. Approximately 41 days to go.



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