Around Here | April 28, 2014

…the garden is in and starting to really grow! I have tomatoes, onions, potatoes, squash, zucchini, beans, black-eyed peas, corn, watermelon, winter squash, pumpkins, and peppers out there. So excited for the plants to really start growing and producing!

New Tomatoes


…planted four new types of tomatoes. These are new to me and my garden this year. They’re a trial for us as I already planted the most successful varieties from last year (Early Girl and Sweet 100 incase you’re interested). Can’t wait to see how these do!

…the Roma tomatoes have already started setting fruit!


…the kids have a serious case of spring fever. I hear daily the desire to be outside (!) and when allowed they do go out. MOTS still just works towards her goal of reading the internet, but still, outside! Sunshine! Fresh air! At least she stopped hissing at the sun. Weirdo.

…Chaos has really started to shine on the soccer field. He loves playing and is starting to really pick up the skills. He doesn’t act as shy anymore and will get in and take the ball now. It’s more and more fun to watch his games these days.

…the kids have been taking turns hiding empty Easter eggs and finding them all week. Some things you never outgrow.

…the workshop is nearly complete. We have an electrical inspection on Monday and garage doors need to be installed. Then we are all done! It’s actually more done than this picture – all of the siding is on now…


…I am enjoying the warmer temperatures, though not the accompanying pollen. I will willingly suffer with allergies for this perfect weather though!

…we built two t-shirt guns and boy are those FUN!



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