A Creative Diet

In The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp talks about taking a diet for your creative health. It makes sense if you think about it, diets happen all the time – for losing weight, for sanity, for saving time. So what about saving your creativity?

This is my second time through this book, and last time I just devoured it. I didn’t really do the exercises – just reading the book was enough of a jumpstart. But this time? I’m in a book club, and we’re talking about it, and I want to really work through this book, because if reading it was a jumpstart then how much more could doing the real work help me in my creative journey?

About that Creative Diet.

As I considered what to subtract from life I didn’t really like most of the ideas in the book. But, I did realize, and I’ve talked about this here on my blog, that I go through phases of input and output. Only, I seem to have bogged down in the input phase. I scan Pinterest. I read other blogs. I read blogs about blogging. I skim Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But my creative output has ground to a halt.

It seems possible that what used to be sources of potential inspiration have become time and creativity killers. Instead of trying to create I comfort myself by pretending I am seeking inspiration.

And the sources of inspiration are so infinite that they provide a comforting place to scroll and scroll and then it’s time to move on and no time to create. I can pat my back and promise myself that next time – whenever that is – I can make something. Anything.

So, this week, I went on a diet. No internet input. No mindless scrolling. No inspiration seeking. Only output.


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