Creative Diet Results

When I initially planned to give up social media and blogs and Pinterest and such I really thought I wouldn’t see much in the way of results. I thought I’d see a bit of computer time lean-down, but I wasn’t expecting that I’d actually see creative results.

But the truth is that every time I sat downI had to remind myself to not open social media. I would check my email and then check in with my creative team and then….

Well, then I had nothing to do on the computer (most days – I have specific tasks that I do, but those aren’t really affected as much). The same for my phone, out and about. Check email. Then…nothing.

So I started focusing on output. On doing something. I made 4 new layouts. I wrote the blog posts. I brainstormed for future posts. I journaled. I read, and I read, and I read. A real book.

But the really telling thing? A couple of days ago I got back into Facebook. Just opened and started scrolling. And I could feel myself getting irritated and frustrated. Why? I think it’s just the overwhelming amount of information. The clutter for the screen and the mind.

But then I felt that way scrolling through Instagram as well. Just anxiety. And irritation.

Clearly I need a longer break. So, I haven’t been back except to look for specific information. But I do go back on Pinterest, mainly to look for specific things (squash recipes, picnic table plans, you know – totally relatable things).

It was completely worth the time and effort put in.


One thought on “Creative Diet Results

  1. Holly says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I couldn’t give up Pinterest either but facebook is pretty boring.

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