Scrapbook Page Ideas | 2011

I found an old notebook today and started flipping through this tiny time capsule of notes and to-dos and found an interesting entry. At one point or another I must have scrolled through my photos and been inspired to tell some stories. Here’s the list of potential page titles from 2011 and the pictures that inspired them:

Andrew/Pico the PooPoo – actually scrapped this one!


Like Father, Like Son



We were trying to get a picture of them in their matching Easter outfits. Only neither of them were cooperating.

Dump Date Night



Kid free weekend! So what did we do? Took a load of stuff to the dump. We know how to party!

Be Where You Are



He used to do this. Bring his toys to wherever I was and play right there. Always.

Me & Her & Harry Potter



Her first midnight premiere. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Toes In The Water



I don’t like to post pictures of my feet, but I took this one specifically on a beach trip because we sang the song the whole time we were there!


Now I just need to scrap these stories…


One thought on “Scrapbook Page Ideas | 2011

  1. Holly says:

    Better get creating 😉 lots of great pics.

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