Around Here | June 16, 2014

Around here…

…we got a puppy. She’s sweet and playful and completely exhausting. She’s currently napping, which is good because it means that I can sit down for a few minutes and write this.

Haven’t had a lot of time for that lately since puppies take all the neediness of infancy and combine it with the mischievousness of the toddler stage and wrap it into a cute, furry little precious package of energy. Good times.


…I am excited for getting 5 hours of sleep in a row! (see new puppy)

…we are dog-sitting my parents dog for the week – Demolition Dawg. He’s way more chill now that he’s older. He tolerates puppy. But when she’s awake he bolts for my bedroom and noses the baby gate like “hint hint.”


…Captain Chaos walked face first into the corner of the trailer. He was great about it. He came into the kitchen where I was working and said, “Mommy. I hit my head.” When I looked around and saw the giant goose egg was when he lost it. I guess I need to work on keeping a more neutral expression?

We iced it and ate dinner at Dickey’s by his request and he had some ice cream to make it all better.

head all better

…the baby birds that were born in the bottom of the kids golf bag have flown the nest. We’ve loved playing host to the bird family for the last few weeks and I really miss having them around. It was sure fun watching the little flight school last week as they earned their wings.



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