Around Here | October 17

Around Here… I have a toddler in the house again. It’s a 6-month-old puppy. That acts like an 18-month-old child. I spend a great deal of time repeating myself. “OFF!” “NO!” and mumbling things like, “please don’t eat off the floor.” and “bugs are not food.” Occasionally I turn into a toddler with things like “I don’t want to share my coffee with you!” and “I don’t want to get up at 5:30 a.m. It is not pee-o’clock!”

Evening walk.

Around Here… We are finally able to spend some time outside and it is glorious, especially in the morning. Our morning walks now are so pleasant and it’s almost downright cold. The days still get pretty warm (90s some days) but the exhausting heat of summer is vanquished for another few months.

Around Here… We celebrated a certain little boy’s birthday! He’s 7 now. Why does that seem so big and so small at the same time?



We had dinner as a family and then he spent his birthday money at The Lego Store (where else?) on Jabba the Hut’s ship. For a special surprise Party Boy took them all upstairs at the mall to Lolly & Pop’s. This is a candy store like you see in the movies with every kind of candy imaginable, most of it in bulk bins. They each got a tiny paint bucket that they could fill with any kind of bulk candy you can imagine. You know that saying “Happy as a kid in a candy store?” Seriously. That has all new meaning now. We walked out with 4-1/2 POUNDS of candy in those tiny buckets.

Around Here… We went to the State Fair. It was cloudy and cool. The food was interesting, as always. The kids rode rides. We looked at cars. And tractors. It was fun. And I am glad it only happens once a year! On a related note, we had a church event right after and I was told by several people that I smelled like the fair. Probably from sitting in the food court and marinating in the fryer smoke.



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