Capsule Wardrobe

Somehow, this term has just now entered my attention. I looked it up. It was invented in 1977 in London, then made a grand appearance in the states in 1985.

I’m behind the times apparently.

But it’s a nice idea – you pare your wardrobe back to a few select pieces that all work well together. Sounds easy enough.

And then I realized that I already have a capsule wardrobe! On point and zero effort required!

Here’s how you can copy my look:

1. Detest shopping for clothes. Online, brick-and-mortar. Doesn’t matter. It’s torture. Only shop under duress (i.e. big event – nothing to wear).

2. Maintain a wardrobe of nice clothes for each season. We have 2 seasons here, summer and swinter (it looks like winter and features brief periods of cold punctuated by summer again), so I have 2 “nice” wardrobes of about 4-6 outfits for each.

3. Shop Old Navy for all your denim needs.

4. Volunteer in a student ministry that also provides shirts to adult sponsors. 3-5 t-shirt events per year = stash of t-shirts constantly being refreshed. Bonus points if your student minister is also a graphic artist.

Boom! Capsule wardrobe.

If by wardrobe you meant different categories of t-shirts, punctuated by a select few outfits to wear when you might go eat somewhere that doesn’t have a playplace.



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