Week In The Life 2014 | Wednesday

My Wednesday in words + pictures:


Fewer pictures today as so many activities overlapped the previous days activities. Started by putting a coat of polyurethane on the built-ins that I stained on Tuesday. Just set my phone on an unpainted section and used a timer app.



I went outside to pull weeds and since the kids had already used up their screen time they were right behind me to ride bikes and scooters. Chaos worked on his bike riding. He gets it and can do it, but still lacks enough confidence to really give it a go. In time.




Met a friend at McAlister’s for dinner. We eat together every Wednesday while our oldest kids are at church. McAlister’s has the BEST sweet tea…



He let me take a selfie with him. Love.



After dinner I picked up the girls and we all went to a local football game. Another friend has a son playing and we wanted to see him play. He’s the one in red. Ha! He played well and his team won, so bonus!

One thought on “Week In The Life 2014 | Wednesday

  1. Ginger says:

    How much screen time do you give each day? I struggle with this part of parenting!

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