December Daily | December 2

The second day of December was less than stellar. You don’t have to read the journaling, I’ll lay it out here: fighting, bickering, kids trashed the house and refused to help clean up, don’t want to decorate because decorations feel like adding clutter to an already messy house. Just ugh.

I soldiered on and put on Christmas Vacation and put up the big tree in the living room, but still wasn’t feeling it. At. All.

It wasn’t until we wound up at Raising Cane’s for dinner and their whole theme this season is Christmas Vacation that I was able to smile. For that I am grateful. Just being out let me relax and we had a good talk about needing to change attitudes and help around the house. The day turned around from there.

And then I got home and tried to take a picture of the tree with my iPhone. Didn’t turn out so well. I miss my big camera. But, you get what you get, and I am truly thankful that I have a phone with a good quality camera. And tomorrow is another day.


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December Daily® is a project conceived by Ali Edwards. She features her preparations and layouts here.


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