January Daily | Whole 30


It was back before Thanksgiving that I sat down with Party Boy and talked to him about doing the Whole 30 challenge. He was on-board, and we had a good talk about obstacles that we’ve had in the past and what needs to change to have success this time.

Long story short, we fail to plan.

Okay, I fail to plan.

Since I knew we’d be doing this challenge, I spent the month of December (the least busy and stressful month of the year right?) planning, planning, planning. I’m one of those Mom’s that won’t cook multiple meals, so the kids have to eat what we eat. Finding kid friendly meals and snacks was super important.

I also needed to find foods that were easy to prepare ahead and have meals ready when we get home from evening activities. Because if I don’t do that we wind up eating pizza, which I found was not Whole 30 approved. At least the way we like to eat it.

Just a note, this is probably the only month that I will be really intent on doing my Daily on the weekends. Most months I’ll be satisfied if I can get my Daily done Monday – Friday, but I’ll talk more about that in February.


Daily is my One Little Word® for 2015. I choose one major goal every month and do a little toward that goal every day for one month. You can see all of my Daily posts here.


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