Daily | Eating Out and Other Whole 30 Challenges


Weekends are the hardest. Contrary to what my kids seem to think, we do have a social life. We go out, we eat out. And we have actual real-life friends. Who also like to go out, and eat out.

Which is not entirely easy to do when you’re Whole 30.

Challenge #1 – What’s left that I can eat?

We went to a dinner meeting on Friday. It was a fajita bar. Yay! I love fajitas.

Only, no tortilla chips, no tortillas, no salsa, no cheese dip, no adobo pie (corn)… And that was 3/4 of the buffet. Sad panda. We ate guacamole and sweet potato chips and meat. Because that’s what there was for us. I didn’t ask about what oils had been used or if there was sugar in the guacamole (because you’d be surprised where you find sugar these days!).

Instead, we decided that people are more important than any diet. Relationships, being together, having a nice time, it all trumps my personal choice to eliminate certain foods.

We ate what we could, we walked out feeling pretty good (if a little dehydrated from all the salt) and had a great time with good friends. A successful evening.

Challenge #2 – But I want what I always get….

On Saturday, we wanted to go out just the two of us. We try to do that a couple times a month, usually at least dinner, sometimes a movie.

We wanted to see Taken 3 (I love Liam Neeson), so we decided to go out. There’s a Chili’s next door to our movie theater so I went to their website to see what was up.

They just revamped the whole thing, and they added a bunch of tasty lighter choice options. Bonus! They’ll substitute, too.

It was hard, because I always get the chicken crispers. It was hard not to default to that. But, we were good. I got the Mango-Chile Chicken, subbed the rice for potato wedges and the steamed broccoli. Party Boy had a small cut of steak and broccoli.

Again, full, but not stuffed. I didn’t stress or over analyze every bite. Just enjoyed the meal.

Sidenote: We really like Taken 3. And we didn’t even look at the concession stand.

Challenge #3 – The lies we tell ourselves.

A little sugar never hurts, right?


And salad bars aren’t always a good thing.

We went to Jason’s Deli for lunch on Sunday. I was exhausted, and cooking lunch while my family watched like expectant vultures just didn’t sound all that appealing. My back was hurting (don’t know why, but my lower back was all kinds of sore and my hamstrings were way tight. Ugh).

We ordered the salad bar. And that’s when I discovered that I like the salads I make better than theirs. Huh. The avocado makes a big difference in my salad enjoyment.

I used their balsamic. I decided to just turn a blind eye to the probable inclusion of sugar.

And I had a muffin. It was tiny! Okay, maybe a couple of muffins. They’re really little!

And, it turns out sweet enough to make may mouth feel like it had a coating of glaze. It was unpleasant. I didn’t enjoy it. Party boy had a small plate with a small scoop of banana pudding. It’s his favorite, and he showed great restraint. He didn’t eat much of it. Too sweet.

And Monday, we paid. It was serious sugar hangover. Neither of us slept well Sunday night. We were grumpy and out of sorts on Monday morning. And Monday afternoon we hit the slumps. The slumps that we shook last week.

So. Not. Worth. It.

We’re back on track now. And feeling better.

What I learned…

1. We used to eat way too much sugar.

2. The food we eat really does have more effect on us than just extra pounds.

3. This style of diet probably needs to be a forever way of life, with some caveats. I’ll write a little more about that later, though.

Now that I can say I am cleanly back on the wagon, I need to figure out this coming weekend. Failure to plan is planning to fail, right?


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