Daily | The Truth About Whole30 Coffee

According to me, of course. You may have an entirely different opinion. And, for the love, if your coffee actually tastes good, do share your magic. It goes without saying that if you drink your coffee black with no sweetener or cream, then you are the real MVP and should totally skip this post written by a coffee pansy.


Whole 30 coffee is gross.

There. I said it.

It was one of my biggest concerns before starting Whole 30. Could I still have coffee? Yes.

Could I still have creamer? Well, no! It’s heavy-laden with sugar! And chemicals! And probably causes cancer! And is delicious!

So, I rolled over to Pinterest to see what I could find. And what I found was loads of blog posts extolling the delicious virtues of coconut milk in your coffee. I was heartened and hopeful. I bought cans of coconut milk (not the stuff in the dairy case, which has added sugar. You want the cans. I found mine near the canned milk at my grocery store).

I tried that day 1, and wound up with black coffee and chunks of slimy coconut goo. Gross.

Back to the blog posts. Ah-ha! I need an immersion blender. I needed one to make mayo anyway, so after church I ran to Target and picked one up. I got this one. Works great.

Monday morning I had coffee with coconut milk, blended with an immersion blender.


But, I muscled through. I choked down that horrible coffee every morning for no other reason than giving up all my favorite foods AND caffeine at the same time seemed like a recipe for disaster. Or murder. Maybe both.

There is nothing delicious about this coffee. Not. One. Thing.

Then I found a blog post that said flavored coffees tasted better with coconut milk. I grabbed a box of French Vanilla coffee. It was…..okay. Not great. Not delicious. But it didn’t gag me either.

Then, more research led me to try it iced, rather than hot.

Better. Still, not great.

The honest truth is this: I probably won’t go back to the creamer, sugar, splash of coffee that I used to drink. It wasn’t a healthy way to start the day and probably contributed heavily to the dreaded mid-afternoon crash. After Whole30 I will most likely stick with the coconut milk, immersion blender, and add some stevia. I think that just a touch of sweet could really put me over the top so far as my opinion of this concoction goes.

So, caveat reader. Let the reader beware. Sometimes, raves about how delicious something is, is in the taste buds of the taster.

TL;DR:* I am barely tolerating Whole30 coffee (black with coconut milk). Flavored coffee is better. I want stevia.

*TL;DR = Too Long; Didn’t Read.


4 thoughts on “Daily | The Truth About Whole30 Coffee

  1. Ginger says:

    Have you tried making your own coconut milk? Do you have a good blender? You can make your own. I do that when I am cleansing. Also….Roasted Dandelion Tea. Another thing from the cleanse I do. I don’t drink coffee because it hurts my stomach. But Dandelion tea is pretty amazing. Of course….it doesn’t have caffeine which may not really help you out….And great job with the Whole 30! And for doing it with your kids. I don’t have the strength to even try such a thing with the boys! 🙂

    • Candy says:

      I have NOT tried making my own coconut milk. Does it taste that much better? I may have to give that shot. Where do you find Roasted Dandelion tea? I’ve been drinking Plantation Mint, which again, would be so much better with a little stevia…

      • Ginger says:

        I find it better than the cartons. I am not sure about the canned. I have only used the canned in recipes. Can you us almond milk instead of coconut milk? Either one is fairly easy to make. Can you use pure maple syrup to sweeten? That is the one sweetener we can use on the whole food cleanse. I bought the tea in the “special” section of Kroger…where all their organic and gluten free foods are.

  2. Mom says:

    Really finding this whole 30 thing interesting…kind of goes along with what we are doing here (eating cleaner – NOT going out so much) I have actually cooked every day this year! BUT I pretty much gave up creamer in my coffee too….I allow myself one cup in the evening with creamer – anything else is BLACK (ugh!) Getting better every day! Good luck and keep letting us know how it is going!

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