My Wisdom Tooth Saga

On Thursday, February 25th, I awakened at 6:30 a.m. and downed my anesthesia medicine as instructed. That’s about the last thing I remember about the day with any kind of clarity.

Party Boy made sure I was at the dentists office by 8 a.m. for my appointment to have my fully erupted wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them.

The few things I do think I remember are throwing up – either from a reaction to the meds and gas or my overly sensitive gag reflex, or some combination thereof. I am not sure they had seen anything like it at this office and he’s been in practice for a long time. Nobody mentioned my head spinning around, but they were pretty much in awe.

I am pretty sure that they took out the left side first. Both top and bottom. I was actually worried about the bottom one being a more serious case, since it had a cavity that was pretty big. I was afraid it would break up when they tried to pull it, but it came out in one piece and was okay.

I think they did the top right next. Then they moved on to the lower right. I do know that at intervals the dental assistant was spraying my mouth and throat to numb it so I would stop gagging.

The bottom right tooth would not come out. I remember that one. It was a struggle to get it loose and it hurt. I think they gave me another shot before it finally popped loose.

The next thing I know the dental assisstant was giving Party Boy aftercare instructions. They loaded me into the truck with gauze hanging out of my mouth and put sunglasses on me. I totally looked like the living dead, I am sure.

We went to CVS for my pain meds and antibiotics – apparently I had already developed a slight infection of the tissue behind my lower wisdom teeth. The pharmacist asked Party Boy when we drove up how he was doing. I guess then he caught sight of me and before Party Boy could answer said, “Better than her by the looks of it.” Great. The good news was that I looked so bad they rushed my prescription being filled.

Then it was over to Sonic for sweet peach tea and a vanilla shake. I don’t know what everyone else got. Don’t care really. Probably chewing food, but I am not bitter.

After parading me all over town, we went home and somehow I landed in bed. Thank God Party Boy has a strong stomach. He changed my gauze and spoon fed me ice cream and tea since my face was numb from the nose down. Good times. When the final gauze pads came out we think that the clot from the lower right came out with it. I was still bleeding a little, so the dentist office said not to worry too much and call if there was any pain.

He put Pirates of the Caribbean in the DVD player and I fell asleep. I probably woke up a few times here and there. I think the dentist office called a couple of times to check on me. And I talked to my parents. Apparently I invited them to drop by on the following Saturday. Don’t remember that. Whoops!

Friday was a little better, still taking the good pain meds and sleeping a lot, so not much to report there. The food landscape was looking pretty bleak though. Jell-O, pudding, and broth, while fun foods are not a culinary delight to say the least.

On Saturday I had to back off the good pain meds since I needed to be coherent and able to drive the kids all over creation for various activities. I started on Advil and was doing fine.

At about 1 p.m. it felt as though my mouth woke up and said, “HOLY SCHNIKES! There are four teeth missing here!” And the real pain started to set in. I could control the pain pretty well with Advil and at first thought it was just from the wrenching that I had taken getting that lower right tooth out since that’s where most of the pain was located.

On Sunday the pain was worse. And I was still on a mostly liquid diet. We still went to El Chico for lunch and I ate one whole tortilla (tiny bites) and 1/4 bowl of tortilla soup (also tiny bites). Very filling.

It was after lunch that I started to get an inkling that I had developed that horror of horrors in dentistry – a dry socket. I kept popping Advil and keeping the pain at bay until bedtime when I took a prescription pain pill and went to sleep. But then I overslept my pain meds and woke up at four a.m. feeling like the right side of my face was being electrocuted and set on fire at the same time. I stumbled to the kitchen to take more Advil and then laid down and asked God for an epidural in my face. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain rated about 75.

I finally fell back asleep about 5:30. I woke up at 7:55 just in time to call the dentist and see what they could do. They had an opening at 9:20 for “packing.” Whatever it was it didn’t sound good, but I can’t take the pain!

Packing turned out to be cleaning out the empty socket (they said it looked “good.” I guess good means not actually on fire) and filling the empty cavity with a medicated strip of gauze soaked in cloves and iodine. Yummy.

And painful, but bringing almost instant relief. Praise the Lord!

I have to return on Thursday and again next Monday to have the wound re-packed (basically the gauze has to be changed). Yay.

For now, my mouth tastes and smells like I have been licking a hospital surgical tray. Nothing tastes good with cloves, for the record. Or iodine for that matter. Happily, I am mostly pain-free and should be able to go gauze free sometime next week. Look for an update then.

2 thoughts on “My Wisdom Tooth Saga

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  2. Ginger says:

    Holy crap…my mouth hurts! I loathe the dentist and anything to do with teeth or the mouth. But back in 2005 I had to have mine surgically removed. The surgeon was horrible, which we should have known since my brother had had the same one and it was a bad experience as well. They were loading me in the car with my mom before I was hardly even awake. I knew that Nathan would love me forever after that because we were newly dating and he brought me good ice from the training room and mashed potatoes. I was out of commission for over a week. They told me it would only be a day or two. And then for months after tiny fragments of teeth would work themselves out my my gums. It was horrible and disgusting and proved that the surgeon didn’t really do a very good job. Well…at least they are out! 🙂

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