Spring Cleaning

Here is my list and my accomplishments in Spring Cleaning 2010 –

Living Room

  1. Move the couch and roll up the carpet to thoroughly clean the floors. Done 3/17
  2. Pull out the TV and apply texture where we tore up the wall. I won’t paint since we’re planning to change paint colors soon.
  3. Clear off the mantle and console and thoroughly wipe down and dust everything. Done 3/26
  4. Clean the windows and wipe down the casings and windowsills. Done 3/17
  5. Clean blinds. Done 3/17
  6. Wipe down baseboards and door frames Done 3/26
  7. Take down pictures and clean walls behind them and frames and picture glass. Done 3/26
  8. Pare down DVDs and video games if possible. Done 3/26
  9. Clean ceiling fan and fixtures. Done 3/27
  10. Recover bench cushion


  1. Wipe down table – top to bottom and reapply polish.
  2. Clean out bench seat and wipe down thouroughly. Done 3/27
  3. Take down and wash curtains. Done 3/27
  4. Clean blinds and windows. Done 3/27
  5. Wash down walls.
  6. Wipe down deep freeze.
  7. Clean out floor of pantry.
  8. Declutter cabinets.
  9. Wash down cabinetry.
  10. Polish appliances
  11. Texture bare walls from kitchen makeover.
  12. Reinstall trim under bar.
  13. Paint trim and bar supports
  14. Clean out microwave
  15. Clean dishwasher door
  16. Wipe down fridge interior.
  17. Clean oven.
  18. Clean light fixture. Done 3/27


  1. Wipe down door and frame.
  2. Scrub grout and re-seal. Done 3/25
  3. Dust walls and ceiling

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