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Daily | April

And just like that March slipped away.

I started out planning to take Spring Break week off from blogging. It sounded simple enough. But then I got busy with my daily and with a contract job and homeschool and spring chores and when I looked up it was the last day of March.


I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but the Daily challenge in March was Organize. And I did some of that. It was a good follow-up to Declutter in February. My files are in better shape. My desk area is (and has stayed) in better shape. There are still some areas to tackle, but gradually things are getting spiffed up.

April has a Daily challenge too, which is perfect timing because….

The daily challenge is the DAILY MILE. And I just bought new running shoes.

So, if you’re interested you can run (or walk) the challenge with me. One mile a day. That’s it. For me, it’ll take about 15 minutes. I’m not speedy yet, and that’s okay. I just want to get out there.


Daily | Declutter Update February 11, 2015


When I set the challenge ahead to declutter, I had no real plan to speak of. I was just going to choose a space – a shelf, a cabinet, a storage container – every day and really take a hard look at what we were keeping there.

When I declutter I ask myself a few questions:

1. Do we still use this often enough to justify keeping it?

This is especially helpful with kitchen gadgets, toys, and miscellaneous craft tools. For some items, we only use them once a year (a turkey platter) but it has a particular purpose, and we use it every time we need it. Other items I use 2 or 3 times a year, but it’s not my first choice, or I have other tools that can do the same job.

2. Do I love it? Does it provide beauty?

I am sentimental, so I allow myself to keep some items based on that alone. I still have a stuffed animal that I got for Christmas when I was three. He holds a place of honor on a shelf in my closet. He’s my “velveteen rabbit” of sorts. Well loved and cherished.

3. Does it still fit? Do I (or the owner) still wear it?

No more holding on to outgrown clothes for that day that I might be able to wear them again (never mind that they’ll be years out of date!).

With that in mind, I decluttered the game room last week. It was a chore, but I was able to clear an entire toy storage unit that can now go to charity. This, in turn, clears a wall in my house! Yay for less furniture!

This week I have (so far) cleaned out the medicine cabinet. This is so important! Get rid of your old and expired medicines people! Do it safely by following these instructions, especially with prescription drugs.

I also, removed a bunch of extraneous plastic cups. We hang onto a bunch of Fuzzy’s Taco cups because they discount your drink when you bring your own cup, but we don’t need 50 of them, and we don’t really need all of the other giant plastic souvenir cups…

Next up… craft shelves and kitchen cabinets.


Daily | February

Welcome to February! It’s month #2 in the Daily 2015 challenge and I am so excited!



That’s right! It’s time to declutter.

We moved into this house 2 years ago. I had worked really hard to declutter as I packed up the last house. It was really effective and we got rid of a LOT of stuff that we just flat didn’t need anymore. I am questioning if I got rid of enough or if the last 2 years really just added more junk to our lives. It’s hard to separate out the junk eras, you know?

Anyway, we specifically wanted lots and lots of storage in this house, something our last house sorely lacked, and yet, cabinets are filling up. Things topple out when doors are opened. There’s no excuse.

This month is dedicated to getting rid of the excess one small space a day. One cabinet, one shelf. Over the next month, we will get rid of stuff that is outgrown, broken, unloved and unused. Some will go to the trash, some will go to charity where it can be loved and used by someone else.

It’s time.

P.S. I’ll have a wrap-up of Daily | January later this week!

January Daily | Whole 30


It was back before Thanksgiving that I sat down with Party Boy and talked to him about doing the Whole 30 challenge. He was on-board, and we had a good talk about obstacles that we’ve had in the past and what needs to change to have success this time.

Long story short, we fail to plan.

Okay, I fail to plan.

Since I knew we’d be doing this challenge, I spent the month of December (the least busy and stressful month of the year right?) planning, planning, planning. I’m one of those Mom’s that won’t cook multiple meals, so the kids have to eat what we eat. Finding kid friendly meals and snacks was super important.

I also needed to find foods that were easy to prepare ahead and have meals ready when we get home from evening activities. Because if I don’t do that we wind up eating pizza, which I found was not Whole 30 approved. At least the way we like to eat it.

Just a note, this is probably the only month that I will be really intent on doing my Daily on the weekends. Most months I’ll be satisfied if I can get my Daily done Monday – Friday, but I’ll talk more about that in February.


Daily is my One Little Word® for 2015. I choose one major goal every month and do a little toward that goal every day for one month. You can see all of my Daily posts here.

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