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Made This Monday | February 23, 2015

Hollywood and I worked on these chocolate mice together. She was so proud of the end result! And I only burned my fingers on the chocolate 3 times!



Made This Monday | February 16, 2015

Our dog is an insane bundle of energy and activity. About the only thing she is ever still for is pretzel sticks. She also will only give kissies for pretzel sticks. This is demonstrated to full effect in this picture of her and MOTS.

It’s really a testament to having a camera with you, in arms reach, at all times. I couldn’t have gotten this shot without my iPhone being right there. Five seconds later, she was off and running (the dog. MOTS doesn’t run) and the shot was gone.


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One Little Word 2015 | Daily

I mentioned yesterday that I was somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t set any goals for my word in 2014. I decided that 2015 needed a whole new direction. And, like usual, I’d been getting hints to that direction in what I’ve read and watched lately.

2015’s word is completely different in that I chose it (or it chose me, depending on how you look at it) specifically to set goals.



It really started simmering this summer when Elise Blaha Cripe did a post on her monthly goals. Then I participated in a challenge in November that required a little bit of daily work. I noticed that in doing that one thing every day in November I improved my performance in that area in such an obvious way. Then in December I was getting frustrated with some of my kitchen cabinets and I thought, “I could probably get this all squared away if I just did a cabinet a day.”

And a light bulb went off.

I sat down with a notebook and knocked out a theme for every month in a matter of 20 minutes. It was that quick. That easy. And that meant to be.

Most importantly, I am excited. Will I be blogging daily? I don’t know. I want to share my progress and challenges, but probably not every day. My plan is to check in on each month’s goal, share some scrapbook pages here and there and post little bits of everyday life as they show up. We’ll see what that adds up to…

One Little Word | Discover

Time again to wrap-up my One Little Word® for the year. 2014 was the year of discovery (discover) for me. How’d I do?



I didn’t set any real, measureable goals, which was both good and bad. The good? It left me free to really explore the word. The bad? I can’t really gauge how I did with my word.

Maybe I just needed a year to wander, and if that’s the case, then this was definitely that year. I started 2014 in Nashville, TN. There were oodles of day trips and another big trip to Maui. Definitely a year for discovering new places, new foods, and new experiences.

I also discovered a new love for my garden, which was bigger and produced a large volume of vegetables. Then I discovered that weeding is not fun and pretty soon the garden looked like a jungle.

I discovered the value of challenging yourself.

Lots of little discoveries. A few big ones. It was a year to discover. So, in that way, I guess it was a successful year.

Just for fun, I went back and looked up my OLW’s from years past:

2008 – Joy

2009 – Wonder

2010 – Reach

2011 – Focus

2012 – Create

2013 – Story

2014 – Discover

One thing really stands out to me from all of the OLW posts that I have written and it is this: Every word that I have chosen has taken on a new meaning throughout the year. It never ends up meaning what I thought it would mean on January 1.

Here’s to new words, new experiences, and a new year. Welcome 2015!

The One Little Word concept was started by Ali Edwards. You can read more about it on Ali’s Blog.


December Daily | December 13 + 14

Taking a day to document a relationship. These boys have been friends since they were tiny. Over the years their interests have changed, and right now, it’s all about Minecraft. Every time they get together they talk Minecraft and strategy and good guys and bad guys. It’s awesome!


Every year that she’s been old enough MOTS has danced or sung (some years, both) in the Christmas production at our church. This year was no different. Rehearsals started in October, so it’s been a long time coming for this. the final performance. They all did a great job and told an awesome story of redemption through song and dance.


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December Daily® is a project conceived by Ali Edwards. She features her preparations and layouts here.


December Daily | December 11 + 12

Party Boy let us celebrate his birthday with him. This is unusual because he thinks birthdays are silly after you turn 25. I convinced him otherwise and we went for sushi. Yes, even our kids love sushi.



On Friday, the kids got busy decorating their gingerbread village. Don’t get excited, it’s a kit from the store, pre-baked and with all the trimmings. I get one every year and they love it! This was the first year though that the cookies actually tasted okay, so they ate everything as soon as I was done taking pictures.


Find a full supply list here + here + here.

December Daily® is a project conceived by Ali Edwards. She features her preparations and layouts here.


December Daily | December 9 + 10

We had some crazy weather on the 9th with a fog bank that rolled in and stuck around from around 12 hours. Then the 10th brought a late rehearsal and kids that were super patient.



Find a full supply list here + here.

December Daily® is a project conceived by Ali Edwards. She features her preparations and layouts here.

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