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Like Father, Like Son

June 17, 2014



Journaling reads:

I just wanted a nice picture of them in their Easter outfits, that just so happened to match perfectly. But, instead I got a a hilarious example of what the relationship really looks like. And it looks like exactly what their relationship looks like: It looks like hero worship. Like he adores and wants to be just like his Daddy. And it looks like that because he does adore and want to be just like his Daddy. So of all the pictures that I could get, I don’t mind one bit that this is the best of the bunch. Because it truly does show the truth of the day and the way you guys are together.


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Around Here | June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Around here…

…we got a puppy. She’s sweet and playful and completely exhausting. She’s currently napping, which is good because it means that I can sit down for a few minutes and write this.

Haven’t had a lot of time for that lately since puppies take all the neediness of infancy and combine it with the mischievousness of the toddler stage and wrap it into a cute, furry little precious package of energy. Good times.


…I am excited for getting 5 hours of sleep in a row! (see new puppy)

…we are dog-sitting my parents dog for the week – Demolition Dawg. He’s way more chill now that he’s older. He tolerates puppy. But when she’s awake he bolts for my bedroom and noses the baby gate like “hint hint.”


…Captain Chaos walked face first into the corner of the trailer. He was great about it. He came into the kitchen where I was working and said, “Mommy. I hit my head.” When I looked around and saw the giant goose egg was when he lost it. I guess I need to work on keeping a more neutral expression?

We iced it and ate dinner at Dickey’s by his request and he had some ice cream to make it all better.

head all better

…the baby birds that were born in the bottom of the kids golf bag have flown the nest. We’ve loved playing host to the bird family for the last few weeks and I really miss having them around. It was sure fun watching the little flight school last week as they earned their wings.


Scrapbook Page Ideas | 2011

June 3, 2014

I found an old notebook today and started flipping through this tiny time capsule of notes and to-dos and found an interesting entry. At one point or another I must have scrolled through my photos and been inspired to tell some stories. Here’s the list of potential page titles from 2011 and the pictures that inspired them:

Andrew/Pico the PooPoo – actually scrapped this one!


Like Father, Like Son



We were trying to get a picture of them in their matching Easter outfits. Only neither of them were cooperating.

Dump Date Night



Kid free weekend! So what did we do? Took a load of stuff to the dump. We know how to party!

Be Where You Are



He used to do this. Bring his toys to wherever I was and play right there. Always.

Me & Her & Harry Potter



Her first midnight premiere. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Toes In The Water



I don’t like to post pictures of my feet, but I took this one specifically on a beach trip because we sang the song the whole time we were there!


Now I just need to scrap these stories…

May 2014 Compendium

June 2, 2014

Watched, Read, and Listened

➛ Books: Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. – still making progress here. In case you were wondering, I did challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone in reading this year. I have mostly read fiction, and I thought it would be good to stretch (discover) some other genres. I made some really good progress this month during my creative diet.

The Creative Habit – Reading this one for the Lemon and Raspberry Book Club. It’s my second time through. I love this book.

➛ Television: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Bones, Elementary, Hawaii 5-0, Survivor, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, Scandal (started this one on Netflix and am hooked!), Breaking Bad (all of it – binge watching), Warehouse 13

➛ Movies: X-Men: Days of Future Past (so good), Maleficient (so good), Saving Mr. Banks (so good), Getaway (meh)

Fun Stuff

➛ Installed the gate and have the fence 95% complete. Just lack the one section connecting the workshop to the house.

➛ Started harvesting from the garden. So far we have gotten LOTS of onions – Put 10-1/2 cups of diced onions in the freezer and have 18 more to dice waiting in the fridge. Also put 3 quarts of squash in the freezer – and that’s just what we haven’t eaten!

➛ Chaos started his select team soccer practice.

➛ Bought a blow-up pool for the back yard. The real thing has to wait a while longer…

➛ Hosted a Mother’s Day lunch for all the family

➛ Put in sod and a flower bed in front of the workshop

➛ Replaced a photinia and 2 lantana that didn’t survive the winter

➛ Put in a garden fence/trellis for the tomatoes. All by myself!

➛ Prepped and edged the gravel driveway to the workshop.

➛ Enjoyed really wonderful weather!

Milestones, Holidays, and Special Events

➛ Finished the school year – the girls each have at least one subject that they’ll work on over the summer.

➛ Celebrated Hollywood’s birthday!

➛ Celebrated Mother’s Day!

➛ Watched a wonderful presentation by Critterman – Chaos was in heaven!

The Everyday

➛ Weeding the garden daily and harvesting too!

➛ Finally go the girls into swim practices that are at the same time – and earlier in the day!

➛ Got the truck looked at by a body shop (for hail damage) and got an appointment to get that work done.

➛ Started trying to make 10,000 steps per day. Debating a fitbit. Using a Nutribullet.

A Favorite Photo or Layout



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Creative Diet Results

May 30, 2014

When I initially planned to give up social media and blogs and Pinterest and such I really thought I wouldn’t see much in the way of results. I thought I’d see a bit of computer time lean-down, but I wasn’t expecting that I’d actually see creative results.

But the truth is that every time I sat downI had to remind myself to not open social media. I would check my email and then check in with my creative team and then….

Well, then I had nothing to do on the computer (most days – I have specific tasks that I do, but those aren’t really affected as much). The same for my phone, out and about. Check email. Then…nothing.

So I started focusing on output. On doing something. I made 4 new layouts. I wrote the blog posts. I brainstormed for future posts. I journaled. I read, and I read, and I read. A real book.

But the really telling thing? A couple of days ago I got back into Facebook. Just opened and started scrolling. And I could feel myself getting irritated and frustrated. Why? I think it’s just the overwhelming amount of information. The clutter for the screen and the mind.

But then I felt that way scrolling through Instagram as well. Just anxiety. And irritation.

Clearly I need a longer break. So, I haven’t been back except to look for specific information. But I do go back on Pinterest, mainly to look for specific things (squash recipes, picnic table plans, you know – totally relatable things).

It was completely worth the time and effort put in.

Chaos Lives Here

May 27, 2014



Chaos does live here. Still.

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A Creative Diet

May 22, 2014

In The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp talks about taking a diet for your creative health. It makes sense if you think about it, diets happen all the time – for losing weight, for sanity, for saving time. So what about saving your creativity?

This is my second time through this book, and last time I just devoured it. I didn’t really do the exercises – just reading the book was enough of a jumpstart. But this time? I’m in a book club, and we’re talking about it, and I want to really work through this book, because if reading it was a jumpstart then how much more could doing the real work help me in my creative journey?

About that Creative Diet.

As I considered what to subtract from life I didn’t really like most of the ideas in the book. But, I did realize, and I’ve talked about this here on my blog, that I go through phases of input and output. Only, I seem to have bogged down in the input phase. I scan Pinterest. I read other blogs. I read blogs about blogging. I skim Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But my creative output has ground to a halt.

It seems possible that what used to be sources of potential inspiration have become time and creativity killers. Instead of trying to create I comfort myself by pretending I am seeking inspiration.

And the sources of inspiration are so infinite that they provide a comforting place to scroll and scroll and then it’s time to move on and no time to create. I can pat my back and promise myself that next time – whenever that is – I can make something. Anything.

So, this week, I went on a diet. No internet input. No mindless scrolling. No inspiration seeking. Only output.


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